Established in 2007, Dyacon, Inc. specializes in the development of high-value, rugged electronic products for commercial and industrial users.  ControlTrac products have been paired with driver terminals, wireless equipment, and on-board sensors to provide EOBR (Electronic On-Board Recorder) and ELD (Electronic Logging Device) solutions for fleet services companies. The ControlTrac products have been in production since 2005. The same engineers that designed the first ControlTrac computers continue to build on the legacy.


Dyacon works closely with system integrators and developers in order to ensure the features, price, and reliability expected in demanding commercial applications. As a small manufacturer, Dyacon can be responsive to the needs of even small telematics integrators. Controltrac products are typically customized to meet unique functional demands of integrators striving to differentiate their products and services.


Off-the-shelf industrial computers have their place – mounted in a box on a pole, but not in a vehicle. Whether you are servicing the needs of on-road or off-road vehicles, Dyacon may be able to provide a solution at home in a mobile platform. Contact us to discuss possible solutions for your business.