CT630 is the legacy member of the CT6xx family of C-programmable on-board computers. It is specifically designed for developers and integrators of fleet management applications. While still in production for key accounts, it has been replaced by CT650 for new customers.

CT630 added SAE J1939 to the proven capability of CT605. The integrated cell phone, GPS, and other circuits were upgraded and all of the I/O from the CT605 was retained, including multiple serial ports and high-current digital I/O. Optimizations also reduced price of previous versions.

Like all CT6xx computers, CT630 uses a modular construction that can be customized for specific feature and price requirements for terrestrial and satellite communication systems. Whether for simple tracking or enterprise-grade fleet management, the CT630 provides a low-cost, rugged, on-board computer.

Please review the data sheet for detailed specifications.